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Phone : 00212 661606840, 00212 667828620

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Address : 15 Derb Ben Slimane Zerbtana , Fes 30110, Morocco

Email address : contact@moroccolorstours.com

Phone contact : 00212 661606840 , 00212 667828620

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  1. Marrakech / Essaouira / Marrakech
  2. Airport Essaouira / Essaouira Medina / airport
  3. Fes / Fes Saiss airport

Other sources and destinations do not hesitate to contact.


•The Cost : It is very reasonable and even more if you book return.

•Tranquility : Your driver knows the city and the Medina of Essaouira and advise you to facilitate your arrival to the gate of your accommodation, if you stay within the medina of Essaouira. This is not always the case of hired taxis at the airport on arrival, Essaouira unfamiliar, and will leave you in Essaouira bus station and from there will have to find your accommodation.

Comfort : Upon arrival at Marrakech airport sits down with you, waiting for you at the airport with a sign with your name. Your driver will take care of your luggage and without delay go directly towards Essaouira. You want to stop and see something, take something? Your driver will stop wherever you prefer happy, just need to tell.

•The schedule : besides the additional waiting time and queue for the bus. Schedules may be unfavorable.

•The relax : you're on vacation, you want to make an obstacle course from the airport of Marrakech to Essaouira? After collecting your luggage, you should seek a small taxi and negotiate with the driver to get to the bus station. From there, pick up your luggage again, eehacer a queue to buy tickets for the next bus to Essaouira. Waiting for the bus, one, two or more horasy finally heading to Essaouira. A stop halfway, but maybe you would like make a stop somewhere else ... something that has caught the attention ... an urgent need.

So start your holiday immediately hire a moving and despreoucupese.

DO IT NOW BOOK YOUR TRANSFER BY A MORE THAN REASONABLE PRICE,  consult depending on the number of people.

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